I’m running somewhere all the time …. First to the kindergarten, then to work, during the break – for shopping. In the evening, I run from work to cook dinner, wash dishes, feed my family, put my baby to bed … In the morning – again “Groundhog Day”. On weekends, I run around the house with a vacuum cleaner and a mop, then I run to English courses, I run home in the evening to spend time with my family. Run-run-run …. How much is it possible?

Once I said to myself: “STOP. Stop running. ” I started looking for effective ways to manage time. How to move faster and not waste time swinging.

What came of this? I share the secrets of my personal time management.

First secret. Do several things at once.

Before doing gymnastics, I put a kettle. I did exercises, then I turn on the English video tutorial and drink tea. To wash dishes – I include the same language course. I try to COMBINE all the things, and not do them separately.

Second secret. Go to bed earlier – get up earlier.

If you go to bed at 19.00-20.00 in the evening and wake up at 5.00-6.00 in the morning, then there will be more energy. Strength enough for more cases. In comparison, if you lie down at 24.00 and wake up at 6.00-7.00.

Third secret. Write a plan for the day.

Every day in the morning or even in the evening to paint hourly and minutely all things. This plan must be strictly followed.

The fourth secret. Spend less time on social networks.

I now go to VK from a computer once a week. Just if you need some kind of person. VK and Instagram deleted it from the phone.

The fifth secret. Refusal from TV.

I basically stopped watching TV when I realized that apart from negativity and vulgarity, I don’t get anything else from there. From TV shows in general, you can dull. I’ve been living without a TV for about two months now, and I feel great without bad news and other people’s squabbles.

Sixth secret. Refusal from whining and complaints.

I began to wear a purple bracelet on the advice of Will Bowen (the book “A World Without Complaints”, and also see my article WITHOUT WHINING, LIFE IS NOT THE SAME …). On the twentieth day of the experiment, I stopped complaining and condemning, began to look for a solution to my problems without the hope that someone would come and do everything for me. There is more time, because I began to do and decide everything myself. NOW.

Seventh secret. Spend 20 minutes a day cleaning.

Every day I spend twenty minutes to wipe off the dust and wash the dishes. Twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) I allocate 20-30 minutes to vacuum and mop the floors. The issue of Saturday weekly spring cleaning is automatically removed.

Such simple secrets of time management I practice. I was able to – you can also rationally manage your time.

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