Each of us has such relatives or friends with whom we had a good relationship. And then this relationship somehow abruptly waned.

So I have such a friend Nastya. Wonderful person. They had been friends for so many years, shared all problems in half, shared secrets. We called up, talked – were best friends. Only Nastya was very unlucky with men. A nice smart girl, and her guys like a pick – “tear it and throw it away”. For a long time she grieved, until she finally met the real prince. But I found out about his appearance much later.

Nastya began to communicate less, then completely stopped calling. I rarely answered my calls, I didn’t really want to talk, I came up with all kinds of excuses. I did not understand what was happening. One day I decided to call her. I ask: “Nastya, what is happening ?. What are you so busy doing all the time? ” She replied: “I have no time. Now there is Seryozha. ”

And then they left the city. For six years we have not seen Nastya. We exchange only Happy Birthday greetings on a social network. Once, she completely forgot about my birthday. I periodically write to her, asking about life, what she does, what works. To which I get a cold reply: “Everything is fine. I do not work”. And not a word about me, how I live. I so want to chat with her, but I see that it makes no sense, now it’s a different person. After all, I really miss her. But I still write and write, trying to stir her up. But pointless. Apparently, soon and completely stop writing to her. So as not to be imposed …

You should never go where they are not waiting for you, and communicate with those to whom you are indifferent …

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