Does your heart hurt? Grabbing the valerian? Or maybe just let off some steam …?

All diseases are from emotions. But not all of us understand this. Any emotion, positive or negative, is experienced by the body. Passes through the body. She must find a way out of the body.

If there is no way out, the emotion settles in the heart, kidneys, stomach, liver … And begins to destroy them. Gradually … Day after day … Year after year … As a result, heart hurts, stomach and liver problems … We drink tons of drugs, but there is no sense. Because the root cause of the disease has never been cured. Emotions continue to destroy us. We do not know how to experience them …

I understand that I am also destroying myself with negative emotions. There are a lot of ways on the Internet how to experience emotions ecologically. But in practice, everything turned out to be more complicated. It is not easy to live and let go of emotion.

What have I applied on myself?

To talk down everything that has accumulated, does not like, worries and whom you hate. Close up in the bathroom. The water takes everything away … I tried it several times. But it didn’t feel much better. But it may help someone. It’s worth a try.

Hit the sofa with a towel. A more efficient way. I felt a little better. But the feeling of heaviness did not leave.

Charging. Any physical exercise helps to get rid of heavy thoughts. Letting go and reliving negative emotions. 10 minutes of charging and I feel better.

Singing. At home, in karaoke, in the shower. When I sing my favorite song, I understand how emotions fly away, and it becomes easy inside. Space is freed up, a pleasant void fills. Music really heals.

Breath. I tried to breathe long and often. Helps a little. But the severity does not fully recede.

Scream. I almost ripped off my throat, made the child laugh, was afraid that the neighbors would call the police. Perhaps not a bad way, but you have to act in the field. And not in a high-rise building, where you can hear people talking in the next apartment.

Massage. A pleasant way to relax. When the body relaxes, it lets go of emotions, the tightness goes away.

Conversation with a tree. In the park, all problems somehow diminish by themselves, are forgotten … If you choose your tree, away from people, talk to it, tell everything that has accumulated in your soul, it will become easier. This method suits me. Nature affects me especially. I feel her strength. Fresh air gives a portion of oxygen, a reboot takes place. For myself, I realized: I need to walk more often, walk. Breathe the air. Think … Just not about problems, about self-development.

Church candles. When it’s bad, I light a candle. I will look at the fire, I will pray, I will cry. It gets easier.

Here are my ways to go about feeling emotionally sustainable. It is very interesting to know the opinion of my readers. How do you experience emotions? What helps you and what doesn’t? How are they related to the body? Write in the comments. I would be glad.

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