How to learn to accept people who are always dirty?

Do you know the feeling of resentment and helplessness when a person has done something different than you would like? Not as you planned and expected. I know.

Resentment and disappointment … The other person does not think like you. His principles, beliefs and upbringing are different. They are different from yours. A person should not do what you want. He is OTHER.

I stepped on the same rake many times, resenting people. But how can one think about a person subjectively? All people are different and think differently. And the fact that for some the norm, for others, is prohibited. Some are brought up by modest intellectuals. Others are leaders in order to always be the first and in everything and not be afraid of anything. Third – self-confident egoists. How many people, so many opinions. Everyone in this world sincerely believes that he is right. So how can you not accept someone else’s opinion? You can not agree with him, but what it is should be accepted. One must learn to accept people as they are. Through the prism of all shortcomings and worldviews.

It is very difficult, as it turned out. It’s easier to condemn, take offense, reproach. It’s easier. Much more difficult to think and accept. The other person is ALSO a person. Only he has his own world, and he considers his opinion correct. Not MINE.

Imagine yourself in a big movie theater where people are positive and negative heroes. The film is interesting and full of adventure. If only good events happen, the characters are only positive, then the movie will be uninteresting to watch. Never understand good unless you know what evil is. This film is our life.

Weak is the man who believes that he is right in everything. This is egoism. I believe that a person, in order not to lose his mind, just needs to learn to accept people and negative events. So we become stronger. Accepting the shortcomings of others, we accept our own … In order not to eradicate them, but to improve and turn them into virtues. This is a way of self-knowledge and self-improvement.

Love yourself. Accept yourself and others.

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