Life is like a sweet cookie

You can sculpt any shape from the dough. Which I like. To sculpt and create is so interesting and exciting.

Each person sculpts his life. Since childhood. According to their habits, tastes, interests. But at one point, sculpting is annoying. And we are satisfied with the purchased cookies. What someone did for us. To your liking. This is becoming the norm. There is someone else’s cookie.

And then nagging, complaints and discontent. Something went wrong.
We let someone think for us, make, make decisions. We live on the thumb.

Nothing happens. Others grow, develop and thrive. Bake your own cookies.

And you are buying …

Or maybe it’s worth a try? Bake cookies to your liking. Sculpt your life. Amazing, full, bright. Admire her. This is a very interesting and creative activity.

To live as you want. Do your favorite thing, look for yourself, travel … This is your life. And only you can fashion from it what you always dream of. But you can’t afford it.

 The time has come. It’s time to sculpt …

An amazing life full of adventures, discoveries, vivid emotions, new people, hobbies…

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