People who bring suffering

There are people in the life of every person who are unpleasant to us. Bosses, colleagues, friends of friends … We see them every day, willy-nilly we have to communicate. Until we have grown to the heights of self-development, and cannot choose a circle of communication for successful and rich people, we have to communicate with those with whom we “need”. With those who are unpleasant, aggressive, in a bad mood.

One day I thought. Why is there a person at each of my jobs who can infuriate, condemn, ridicule, do dirty tricks. Such people seem to be specially recruited into the staff. Only faces change. I have always denied them. But they are, and you can’t go anywhere. In one moment I understood. These people are given to me from above. So that I can learn to spit on public opinion. After all, I am very suspicious. Any unreasonable person can tell me nasty things. I will answer, but I will not scandal. Then he forgot, and I am suffering.

To learn to step over yourself, and not to react to the opinions and expressions of others, you need to change your attitude towards this. Yegor Gord offers a kind of exercise. In a crowded place, in the center of the city, lie down on the ground. Hundreds of people will pass by. Lie for at least an hour. You can learn a lot about yourself. But at the same time, learn to spit on other people’s opinions.

The opinion of others can rarely help, most often it only hinders a person’s development, achieving their goals. Therefore, you need to learn to bypass it. Do not pass through yourself, but simply do not react. Be a shield, repel any attack. Not a word, but calmness. This is important for health and self-development. And people who are unpleasant can help with this.

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