Sloth Syndrome

I wake up in the morning already tired … This state lasts for the third week. Nothing pleases or invigorates … No favorite books, no exercise, no walks in the fresh air, no TED programs, not even karaoke.

It all started after being fired from an unloved, hard-won job. I was so burnt out there that I decided to take myself a little vacation. I wanted to rest for a week, do nothing at all. And then do your usual things. Read books, look for a job, blog, practice English, dance and sing.

A week has passed, and I’m like a squeezed lemon. I wake up already tired, I want to sleep all day, I force myself to eat at least something … I think I probably haven’t had enough rest. So another week passed, then another. And the condition does not improve. The sloth condition haunts me every day. My husband says that this is banal laziness, and I do not want to do anything. But this is not so …

I want to do my usual favorite things. Keeping the house in order, cooking, reading, walking … But there is no strength. No matter what…. Recently I did some exercises, and immediately felt like sleeping.

I have not visited psychotherapists or psychologists, but I can say with confidence that this is apathy. When you have been running for a salary for many months. You cross yourself and your family. There is no time for anything, you cannot pick up the child from the kindergarten on time. You can’t go to your favorite dances. There is no time to learn a new profession. And on weekends, instead of an English club, you just get enough sleep. You zvbivat everything just to rest. You don’t even need to sit down with friends, go to karaoke, or chat. Everything gets tired when at work you “talk” with someone who is unpleasant. When you run around like crazy, doing a hundred assignments per second. And you wait for the weekend like manna from heaven. Just to be quiet. So that no one touches.

So I waited for the vacation. So now I can’t go away. Apparently, the stress was so strong that now it is very difficult to overcome it. But you need to enjoy life. And it’s worth learning again.

It is very difficult to build something new for yourself, to leave your comfort zone. And you can destroy it instantly.

I overcame myself a year and a half ago. She began to lead an active lifestyle, write articles, read interesting and useful things, play sports, English. I built the foundation of my dream – the person I want to be. But she destroyed everything in an instant. I went to work, trite because of the lack of money. After all, you could come up with something, continue to do what you like. Find a job in this area. But I sacrificed everything so stupidly for money. And now it’s very difficult to return …

It is necessary to make up for everything with double strength … After all, a lot of time has been lost. And yet I have no strength … The sloth syndrome overcame me …

I think that not only me. Has this happened to you?

P.S. If you notice that your family is depressed and unwilling to do anything, do not rush to write them down as lazy. Read my article again. In life, not everything is so simple. The biggest workaholics and hyperresponsible people can become the biggest sloths. Because they burn out … Like a candle … Nothing remains of it. It is good that a person is not a candle. He can recover and recover. But only thanks to the support of family and friends. And not eternal reproaches about laziness and hopelessness …

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