Sweet feeling of misery

When I found out that the keys to the new house would be right in my hands, I was very glad. But not for long. A feeling of desolation came over me. After all, before, I suffered that there was no money, and I could not afford new housing. Apparently this suffering brought pleasure.

When the dream came true, it was more of a disappointment than a joy. Inexplicable but the fact.

Suffering brings more pleasure than a dream come true. A person is so used to being a victim that he cannot really enjoy life. Pleasant little things do not bring pleasure, he wants a big yacht, a car, a house. But he cannot afford it.

When the brand new Lexus then appears in his garage with blood and blood, he does not bring such pleasure as a previously unrealizable dream. Dream and suffer. What kind of creature is such a strange person? He does not know how to see the beautiful, to rejoice, to give thanks.

Pipe dreams so rooted in our lives, become part of it. They bring pleasure not because they will come true, but because they are not feasible. They bring suffering, hurt, but live in us. Sweet fruit … Suffering …

Man enjoys suffering, and not being happy. Rejoice at every moment, open new horizons. But life is not endless. What do you want to remember at the end of the journey? About eternal suffering? Absolutely not. About the beautiful fleeting moments. This is what is remembered and makes us happy.

I don’t understand myself.

Am I the only one or a lot of us?

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