What is more important: cleanliness in the house or cleanliness in the soul?

My husband is very fond of cleanliness. The slightest disorder annoys him. Even if I am very tired after work, the house must still be tidy, otherwise he is very angry.

But for all that, the spiritual world in our family is a complete mess. The TV never turns off. We have dinner, not talking to each other, as the day went by, but watching another pointless program. And so day after day. I love to be in silence, and my husband cannot live a second without someone saying something useless to him.
I may not have washed the dishes, but I will finish the article and be sure to do all the household chores. TV is distracting and annoying. Interferes with thinking. Imposes someone else’s opinion. One gets the feeling that after the next watched TV show, a ton of garbage was thrown into the soul. But my husband likes it. I cannot understand him. And him me.
How to be in such a situation? To accept … Arguing, persuading, giving books is useless … I tried. It’s just that everyone should have their own space … their own corner. And if possible, it is better not to buy a TV. This is some kind of relic of the past. In the modern world, to keep abreast of all events, a laptop is enough …
Still, I consider cleanliness in the soul more important than cleanliness in the house. When there is harmony in the soul, complete mutual understanding with loved ones, then there will always be order in the house …

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