Who pulls you to the bottom?

What could be better than gatherings with friends? Summer, heat, nature, pool, barbecue … Heart to heart talk about this and that … Everything is fine. What else do you need to relax?

Recently, such gatherings have ceased to please me. A glass of champagne does not cheer you up. Conversations became empty for me. Condemnation of relatives and loved ones, complaints about life, nagging about bad luck. Everything became boring, gray and pointless. I used to look forward to such a holiday, but now it bores me. The environment of close people bothers me.

It sounds sad, but – a fact. Friends and close relatives pull me to the bottom. I understand that people who motivate, inspire and support are not them. To condemn, joke, ridicule, envy – this is welcome! But do not support. This is sad. I can not trust my family. I can just spend time with them, and my thoughts be somewhere far away. Not with them. Such a paradox. With loved ones, I’m not close.

But nothing can be changed. They themselves will not change. These are their views on life, and I am not going to re-educate anyone. A waste of my time and energy. So you have to be close and far away with those who are dear. It’s sad that these very people are pulling me to the bottom …

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