Why do I like to suffer?

There are situations in life that bring trouble. And we are waiting for these troubles. Not good, but bad brings pleasure. I am angry, upset, nervous. But I’m waiting for this situation and waiting for the negative. And he comes.

There is a person in my life who constantly makes me nervous. A neighbor in the suburban area. He does dirty tricks all the time: he doesn’t clean up after himself, uses my items, throws garbage. I clean up after him all the time. I get angry and clean up. It is useless to explain to a person that this is impossible. He’s not small. This is how he lives. Like in a trash heap.

Every time I come to the dacha, I expect another dirty trick. When I don’t find it, I’m somehow not at ease.

A person is so used to suffering and feeling like a victim that he feels good only when he feels bad. When nerves and pain. Anger, tears, sadness. We are waiting for the negative everywhere and in everything that it comes to us. Why then all the problems? Why is everything so unfair? Because we ourselves attract negativity into our life.

It’s easier to be a victim. It’s so easy to explain your laziness. Your cowardice. Weakness. Failure to solve problems. After all, you can say no, confront the fact, and finally decide what brings pain. It’s complicated. It’s easier to whine and feel like a victim. Understanding or not understanding my inconsistency.
Or change the attitude towards the problem.

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