Winter’s Tale for Cinderella

Happiness in the little things…

Gray winter morning … Work, rush, transport, home, sleep …. Life in gray tones … But what if to colorize?

Waking up every morning, notice that any weather is beautiful. In the rain you can walk through the puddles under an umbrella. In the snow, ride a hill on a sleigh and breathe in the fresh frosty air. To slush, call friends to a cozy coffee shop with a beautiful view, and watch people, chat … On a sunny day, enjoy the sun, its warm rays, wonderful views around.

How wonderful is children’s laughter. How wonderful it is when there is someone to love, and for which to thank. Relatives and friends, health, friends, a cozy house, a car, a cat … Beautiful views, freshly renovated, neon-lit teapot, new read book, fragrant tea, marshmallow, dress.

Joy can be found in simple things. Happiness is in the details. Trying to achieve the great with hard work, we forget about the small and the simple.

The mood will become much better if, instead of stuffy vehicles, walk to your destination. There is something to think about and breathe in fresh air.

If work does not bring pleasure, can it be time to change it? (I did just that).

If your hometown is gray and dull, maybe it’s time to change it too?

I live in a small military town. Here is a curfew and broken roads, water constantly running through the streets, dirty. In the cold season, the street is very sad.

Every day I try to find a positive here. I look at the passers-by in a different way (I wish everyone happiness), I am happy in any weather, I communicate with interesting people. But I can’t change the appearance of the city. I am increasingly thinking about moving. There, where it’s warm and clean. To delight the eye and enjoy life with full force.

Positive people from small towns, share a secret, how do you understand your mood in winter?)

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